Annotation Type Wiring

public @interface Wiring

Allows members to be wired with implicitely selected objects.

A member can only be wired BY_INFO, BY_NAME or BY_TYPE if the beanlet's package, class or member is marked with the specified wiring mode. Note that the wiring modes for the member overrides the class wiring modes and logically, the class wiring modes override the package wiring modes.

Members marked with this annotation MUST also be annotated with Inject, otherwise the beanlet definition fails.

XML Representation

The following xml-fragment shows how to express this annotation in xml. The 'wiring' tag does not specify any element attribute, which means that this tag is applied to the beanlet's class. The attribute can be specified optionally if the annotation specifies a default value for the particular annotation method.
<beanlets xmlns=""
  <beanlet name="foo" type="com.acme.Foo">
    <wiring value=""/>

See Also:

Optional Element Summary
 WiringMode[] value
          Specifies the wiring mode to be used for the marked element.


public abstract WiringMode[] value
Specifies the wiring mode to be used for the marked element.


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